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abandon ability able about above abrupt absence absolute absolutely absorb abstract abstraction abstractions abuse abysmal accept acceptability acceptable acceptance accepted accepts access accident accidental accidentally accidents accompanied accomplish accomplished accomplishes accord accordance according accordingly account accounting accounts accuracy accurate accurately accustomed achieve achieved achievement achieving acid acquainted acquire acquired acquiring act action actions actively activities activity acts actual actually adapt adaptation adapts add added adding addition additional address addressed adds adequacy adequate adjust adjusting admit adopt adopted adopting adoption advance advances advantage advantageous adventures adversaries adversary adversely advertisement advertising advice advocate advocates aesthetic affairs affect affected affects afford after again against age agile agility aging ago agree aid aids aim aimed ain airline akin alert algorithm alignment alike all alleviate allow allowed allowing allows almost alone along already also alter altered alternative alternatively alternatives alters although always amazed amazing ambiguity ambiguous ambitious amenable american among amount amounts ample analysis analyst analysts analytical analyze anchored ancients anew anomalies anonymous another answer answers antagonizing antibugging anticipate anticipated anticipating antonym anxieties anxious any anymore anyone anything apart apathy app apparatus apparent apparently appear appears apples applicable application applications application’s applied applies apply applying appreciate appreciation approach approached approaches appropriate appropriateness approximations apps arbitrary arcane are area areas aren argue argued argument arguments arise arising arithmetic armed around arrangement arrived arrogant art articulated articulation artificially artisans artist artistic arts ascertain ascertained ascribing aside ask asked asking asks aspect aspects aspiration assembled assembly assert asserting assertion assertions assess asshole assign assigned assignments assist assisted associated associative assume assumption assumptions assurance assurances assure astonishment astray asynchronous attached attachment attack attained attainment attempt attempted attempting attempts attend attention attitude attribute attributes audit auditable aura authentic authenticity author authors automate automated automatic automatically automating automation auxiliary avail available average avoid avoided avoiding avoids await aware awareness away awe awful awkward

back backgrounds backs backtrack backup backward bad badly balance balancing ball balls band bandwidth bang banging bankrupt banning baroqueness barriers base baseball based bases basic basically basis battle battlefield bauk bear beards bearing beautiful beautifully beauty because become becomes becoming bedrock been before beforehand began begin beginner beginners beginning behave behaves behavior behavioral behind being beings beliefs believe believing benefit benefits best better between beyond big bigger biggest billions biological bit bitch bitches bitter blame blaming blasted blindly blown blue blunders board boast bohr bolt bombs book bordering boring boss both bottlenecks bottom bought bound boxed boxes brain brains breadth breakfast breaking breakpoint breaks breed brewing briefly bring brings broad broke brought brute bubble buddy budget bug bugadu bugbear buggy bugs buhg build builder builders building builds built buka bulk bullets bunch burden bureau bureaucracy bureaucrats burst business busy but button buttons buy buyer buyers buying bwg byproduct

cadence calculate calculated calculations call called calling calm came can candidate cannot can’t capabilities capability capable capacity capital capitalized capricious captives capture card cards care careful carefully careless caring carried carries carry carrying carved case cases cat catastrophic catch catching categories caught cause caused causes causing cdt ceding cent centered central centuries century certain certainly certainty chain challenge challenged challenges challenging chance chances change changed changes changing chaos chaotic characteristic characteristics characterized charge charged chasing cheaper cheaply check checked checking checkout checkpoint checks chess chickens chief chiefly child chinese choice choices choose chopsticks chores circuitry circumstances circumstantial cistern claim claims clarify clarity class classed classes classical clean cleaner clear clearly clever cleverness client closer clumsy cobol code codes codified coding cognitive coincide collapse collected collecting collectively collides colloquialisms com combination combinations combinatorial combine combined combines combining come comes comfort comforts coming commensurate comment comments commercial commission commit committee commodities common commonly commonplace communicate communicates communication community companies company comparable compare compared comparing comparison comparisons compass compelling compensate competence competent competitive compilation compiled compiler compilers complacent complain complaining complementary complete completed completely completeness completion complex complexity complicated compliment component components compose comprehend comprehensive compromise compromised computation computations compute computed computer computers computing conceived conceiving concentrate concentration concept concepts conceptual concerned concerns concerted concise conclude concluding conclusion conclusions concrete concurrent condemn condition conditional conditions conduct conducted confess confessional confessor confidence confident configuration confine confined confirm confirming conflict conflicts conform conforms confuse confused confusing confusion conjecture connected connection connections connotes conscious consciously consequences consequently consider considerable considerably consideration considerations considered considering consist consistency consistent consistently console constantly constitute constrained constraint constraints construct constructed construction constructs consult consultants consumer consumers consumers’ consuming contact contain containing contains contend content contention context contingently continual continually continuance continue continued continues continuing continuity continuous continuously contract contradicted contradiction contradictions contradictory contradicts contrary contrast contribute contributes control controlled controlling controls convenience convenient converge converging conversational conversion converting convince convincing convoluted cooperate cooperated cooperation cooperative cooperatively copied coping copious copy core corporate corpses correct correcting corrective correctly correctness correlation correspondence cost costly costs could couldn count countable counter counting countries couple coupled course courting coverage covers cpu craft crafts crank crashes create created creates creating creation creative creatively creativity credible crisis criteria criterion critical critically criticize crosses crow crowds crucial crux cultivate cultural culture cultures cumbersome cumbersomeness curious current currently custom customer customers cycle

daily damaged damaging danger dangerous data database databases day days deadline deadlines deadly deal dealing debate debelopment debilitating debug debugged debugging decade decades decaying decentralized decide deciding decision decisions declaring decouples decrease decreased decreasing dedicated deduction deep deepest default defect defective defects defensive deficit define defined defines defining definitely definition definitions degree del deliberately delights deliver delivered delivering delivery delusion demand demanded demands democratic demographic demonstrate demonstrated demonstrating demonstration demonstrations denote denying departure dependence depends depriving depth derelicts derived describe described describes describing description descriptions design designate designed designer designers designing desirable desired desk desktops despise despite destination destroy destructive detail detailed details detect detectable detected detecting detection detective deteriorates determine determined determines determining deterministic detriment develop developed developer developers developing development developments developnent develops device devices devise devised devises devotes diagnose dialogs dialogue diametrically dicipline did die difference differences different differentiate differently difficult difficulties difficulty digest digit digital digits dimensions din dining direct directed directions directly disadvantage disagreements disappear disappears disappointed disappoints disaster disasters discard discarded disciplinary discipline disciplined disciplines disclosure disconnected discouraged discourages discover discovered discoveries discovering discovers discovery discuss discussion disease disengagement disguised dismantle dismay dismiss disparity dispel dispenses dispiriting displeasure disposal disproof disproportionately disputes disrupt dissatisfied dissonance distance distinct distinction distinguishable distributed distributing distribution diverse divert divine division document documentation documented documenting documents does doesn doesn’t dogs doing dollar dollars domain domains dominated dominates don done donna don’t door dot doubt down dramatic dramatically drawing drawn dread drips drive driven drives driving droppings drudge dual due dull dumb dumps duplicating during duty dynamic dynamics dysfunction

each earlier early earth ease easier easiest easily easy economic economical economics edge editor editors edp edsac educated education effect effected effective effectively effectiveness effects efficacy efficiency efficient effort efforts egocentric egoless egos einstein either elaborate elapsed electric electronic electrons elegant element elementary elements eliminate eliminated eliminates eliminating else else’s embrace emotional emotions emphasis emphasizes empirical empirically employed employee employer empty emptying emulator enable enabled enables encode encountering encounters encourage encourages encouraging end endeavor ending endless endlessly enemy energetic energy enforced enforcement engaged engagement engender engine engineer engineered engineering engineers english enhancing enjoy enormous enough enriched ensure ensures ensuring entails entered enterprise enthusiasm enthusiastic entire entirely entity entropy environment environmental environments equal equally equate equipment equivalence equivalent era err erroneous error errors escape escaped escapes escaping esp especially essence essential essentially establish established establishment estimate estimates etc ethical eunuchs euphemism evaluate evaluating evaluation even events eventually ever every everybody everyday everyone everything evidence evident evil evolve evolving exact exactly exaggerated exaggeration examining example exceed exceeds excellence excellent except exception exceptions excessive excessively excludes exclusion exclusive execute executed executing execution executions executive exemplar exercise exercised exercising exert exhaustive exhaustively exhibit exhibited exist existence existing exists expand expanding expect expectations expected expecting expects expenditure expense expensive experience experienced experiment experimental experimentation experiments expert expertise experts explained explains explanations explicit explicitly exploit exploited exploration exploratory explore explorers exploring exponential expose exposes expressed expression exquisite extend extension extensions extensiveness extent external extra extraction extreme extremely

face faced facilitate facilitates facility facing fact factor facts faculties fail failed failing failings fails failure failures fair fairer fairly faith fall fallibilities fallibility fallible false falsification familiar familiarity fancy fantastic far farm farmer fascination fashion fast faster fastest fate fatigue fault faults fear feasibility feasible feature features feces feedback feel feeling feelings fellow few fewer fickle fictions field fifteenth fight figure file files filled final find finding finds fine finished finite firmly first fish fits five fix fixed fixing flag flavor flaws flexibility flexible flight flirt flow flowing fluid fly focus focused focuses fold follow followed following follows food fool foolish fools foot footprints for forbid forbidden force forced forcing forecasts foreseen foresight forever forget forgetfulness forgetting forgotten form formal formats former forms formula forsee forth forward found foundation founded four fraction frame framed frantically free freed freedom freely freezes freezing frequency frequent frequently fresh friend friendly frightful from front frustrating fudges fudging fuel fulfilled full fully fun function functional functionality functions fundamental fundamentally furiously furniture further furthermore future

gain gained game games garbage gate gateway gather gathering gathers geared general generalization generalized generally generate generated generates generating generation generator genius geniuses genuineness get gets getting gift gifted gigantic give given gives giving gizmos glaringly glorifying glue go goal goalless goals goblin god goes going gold golden gone good goof got government gradually grand graphical grasp gratifies gratuitously great greater greatest greatly great—or grind grip ground groundbreaking grounds group groups grow growing growth guarantee guaranteed guaranteeing guarantees guard guess guidance guide guided guidelines guides

habits hacker hackers had hairy half halfway hammer hand handle handling hands happen happening happens happenstance happy harbored hard harder hardest hardheaded hardly hardware hardwire harmful harness has hasn have having head healthy hear heisenberg heisenbug held help helped helpful helps hence her here hero heuristic he’s hidden hide hiding high higher highest highly highway hilarious him himself hinder hinders hiring his historically history hit hitters hobby hobgoblin hoc hold holds holistic hone hope hopelessly hopes hostile hour hours houses how however human humane humanitarian humans humble humbling humility hundred hurt hurtling hyped hyperbole hypothesis hypothesizing

icon idea ideal ideally ideas identification identified identify identifying idiocy idiots idle ignite ignorance ignore ignores ignoring ill illogical illustrated image imaginary imagination imagine imitabile imitate immediately immense immoral immune impact impair impedes imperfect impersonal implementation implemented implementing implications implicitly implies imply importance important imposed imposes impossible impractical improve improved improvement improvements improves improving improvisations inability inaccurate inadequacies inadequacy inadequate inanimate inappropriate inbreeding incalculable incapable incentives inception incidence incident incidental incidents inclined include incognita income incompatible incompetent incomplete incomprehensible inconsistent incorporated incorrect incorrectly increase increased increases increasing increasingly incredible incredulously indeed indefinitely independent indicate indicated indicates indication indices indignation indirect indispensable indistinguishable individual individualism individually individuals induction industrial industry ineffective inefficiency inertia inevitable inevitably inexperience inextricably infallibility infant infeasible infeasibly infighting infinite infinity inflexible influence influenced informal informally information informed ingeniously inherent inherently inhuman initial initially initiation injection injury innovations innovative input inputs insert inserting inside insight insignificant inspect inspection inspire installations instance instances instead instituting institutions instructed instruction instructions instructor instrument instrumental insufficiency insure integrated integration intellectual intellectually intelligence intelligent intelligently intend intended intense intensive intent intentional intentionally intentions interactions interactive interchangeable interest interesting interests interface interfaces intermediate internal internally internet interpret interpretation interpreting interprets interrelationships intimate into intractable intriguing intrinsic introduce introduced introduction intrusive intuition intuitive intuitively invalid invalidate invariable invariably invented invention inventions inventors investigated investigation investment invisible invitation involve involved involves involving irrational isn isn’t isolate isolated isolating issue issues item iteration iterative its itself itself—each it’s i’m

jar java jedi job jobs joe join jokingly journey judgment judgments judiciously july just

kanban kata keep keeping keeps ken kept key keyboard keys kiddie kids kill killed kind kindergarten kinds knew knights know knowing knowledge known knows

labeled labor laborious labour lack lamp land language languages large largely larger largest last lasting latent later latest latter law lazy lead leading leads learn learned learning learns least leave led left legal legions legitimate length lengthens less lessen lesson let lets level liberation lie lies life lifecycle light lights like likelihood likely limit limitations limited limits line lines linguistics linux lisp list listed listen listings literate—tame literature littered little live loathe localizes locate located locating logging logic logical lollipop long longer longest longing look looking looks loop loosen losing lossage lost lot lots loudest lousy love low lower luck luxuries

machine machinery machines made magic magni magnificent magnitude main mainframes maintain maintainable maintaining maintenance major majority make makes making malfunction man manage manageable management manager managers managing managment mandatory mandelbrot mandelbug manifest manifesto manifests manifold manipulate mankind manner manpower manual manually manufacturers manufacturers’ manufacturing many map maps marching mark market marketing mass massive master mastering masters mathematical mathematicians matter matters mature maturity maximal maximum may mcdonald mean meaning meaningful means measurable measure measured measurement measurements measures measuring mechanical mechanically mechanized media medical mediocre meet meeting meets members memorable memorizing memory men mend menial mental mentally mention mere merely merging mess messages messaging met metaphors method methodologies methodology methods metric metrics micros might mild million millionths mind minded minds mindsets mine mingled minimal minimize minimizes minimum minor minute minutes mirror mis misbehavior misconceptions misdirected misfeature misfits misguided misleading mismatched misplaced mispredictions miss missed misses missing mistake mistaken mistakes misunderstanding misuse mit mitigate mode model modeling models moderation modern modes modest modification modified modify modifying module moment money monkey monkeys monolithic months more moreover mortal mortals most mostly motivate motives mouse move moved moves movies much muddle multimillion multiple multiplication murphy must mutual myself myth

naive name narrow nasal native natural nature navigate near nearly neatest nebulous necessarily necessary necessity need needed needs negative neighbors neither network networks neurotic neutral never new newly news next nice night nine nobility noble nobody non nonconformity nonproductive nonprogramming nonreproducible nonsense nonsensical nor normal normally nose not notably notation note noted notes nothing notice noticeable notices notion notions noun novel novelty now number numbers

obeys object objecties objective objectives objects obnoxious obscure obscurity observable observation observations observe observed observing obsession obsolescence obsolete obstacles obtain obtained obtaining obviate obvious obviously occupations occur occurs oddball off offer offered office often okay old olds omnipotent once one ones oneself only onto open opened operate operated operating operation operational operations operator operators opinion opportunities opportunity oppose opposed opposite optimism optimists optimization optimize optimum oracles order orderly orders organization organizational organizations organized oriented origin original originally originate originated other others otherwise otherwise—but ought our ourselves out outcome outcomes output outputs outrageous outright outset outside outsider outsourced outstanding over overall overbearing overcoming overemphasize overlap overlooked overnight overparenthesize overrate overstandardization own

pace package packaged pads paid panacea paper papers paperwork paradox paradoxes parallel paranoia paraphrase parlance parry part partial partially particular particularly partitioned partitioning partly partnership parts party pass passes passing passion past path paths patience patient patterns pay paying payment pays peanuts pecuniary pencils penultimate people per percent perception perfect perfection perfectly perforce perform performance performed performing performs perhaps period peripherally perjorative permit permits pernicious pers persist persistent person personal personality personnel person’s perspective phase phases phenomenon philosophers philosophy phrase phrases physical physically physics picking picture piece piles pitfall pivotal place placed places placing plague plain plan planned planning plans plant plate platform play playing plays pleasanter please pleasure plow plus pocket point pointed pointer pointless points pokes poking pol political polluter pool poor poorly popular population portion portions portray portrayal portrayed portuguese position positions positive positively possibilities possibility possible possibly post posting postulated pot potent potential potentially potentials power powerful powers practical practicality practically practice practiced practices pragmatists pre precede preceding precise precisely precision preconceived preconceptions predefined predetermined predict predictable predicted predicting predictions prefer preferably preformulated prejudices premature premise premises preoccupation prepare preparing prerequisite prerequisites presence present presented presently presents preserve president pressures presumes pretensions prevalent prevent preventing prevention prevents previous previously price pride prima primarily primary prime principle principles print printed printing prioritization private probability probable probably probe problem problems procedure procedures proceed proceeding proceeds process processed processes processing processor prods produce produced produces producing product production productivity products profession professional professions profit profits profoundly program programls programme programmed programmer programmers programming programming…and programs program—or progress progresses progressive prohibited project projects promises promote prompted promptly prone proneness proof proofs proper properly property proportional proportionately proposal propose proposing proposition protect protecting prototypers proud prove proved proven proverbial proves provide provided provides providing province proving provoking psychology psychopaths public publish pull punched punish punishment purely purity purport purpose purposely purposes purposes—and pursue pursuit put putting puzzle puzzles pxd

quadruplex qualify qualities quality quantification quantify quantities quantity quantum question questioning questions quick quickest quickly quietly quite quoted

race rages raised rambling ran random randomly rank rapid rapidly rarely rate rather rating rational reach reached reaching reaction reactions read readability readable reading reads ready real realistic reality realization realize really reason reasonable reasonably reasons reationship recall received recent recently reciprocal recognition recognizing recommendation record recording records recourse recreate rectified recurrent recurring red redefine redistribute reduce reduced reduces reducing reduction redundant refactor refactoring refactorings reference refers refine refinement reflect reflected reflects reform refund regard regarded regarding regardless regime regression regretted regularly reinforce reinforcement reinforces rejection rejects relate related relation relations relationship relationships relatively relay release relevant reliability reliable reliably reliance relieve relive reluctance remain remainder remains remarkable remarkably remedy remember remove removed removing renewed rental repair repeatable repeated repetition repetitive replace replaced replacement report reports representation representative represented represents reproducible reproduction reputation require required requirement requirements requires requiring requisite rerun research resembles reservation resignation resilient resist resolve resource resources respect respond response responsibilities responsibility responsible rest restating restaurants restless restricting restrictions restructure rests result resulting results retaining retested retesting retrospectively return reused revalidation reveal revealed revealing reveals reversal review reviews revolving rhetorical rhyme right right—despite rigid rigor rigorous rise rises risk risks rival robust robustness roi role roles romer root rot rots rough routine routinely rudder rude rudimentary rugby rugged ruined rule rules run running runs russ rut ruthless

sabotage sad saddest sadistic safely safety said sailor salaries salary sales same sample—a sampling sand sandals sane sanity satisfaction satisfactory satisfied satisfy satisfying save saved say saying says scaffolding scalability scale scam scan scarce scarcely scare scary scatterbrained schedule scheduled schemes schizophrenia scholar schools schroedinbug schroedinbugs schroedinger science scientific scientifically scientist scientists scope screaming screen screw screwage screwed screws script scripted scripts scrutiny scuttle search searching seat second secondly secret secrets section security see seeing seek seeking seeks seem seems seen sees segment seldom select selected selecting selection selectively self selfish sell seller sends sense sensibilities sensitive separate separately separates sequence sequences sequential serial series serious seriously servant serve server service services serving session set sets setting settle settling several severe severely severity shades shaken shall shame shape shaping share shared sharp she sheer shift shifting shifts ship shocks shoddy short shortage shortages shortcuts shortens shortest shortness should shoulders shouldn show showing shown shows shroh side sideways sight sights sigma sign significance significant significantly silliness silver similar similarity similarly simple simpler simplest simplicity simplified simplify simplifying simplistic simply simulate simultaneous simultaneously since single situation situations six size skepticism skill skilled skills skroo skull skulls slapped slavishly sledge slightly sloppiness sloppy slow slower small smaller smallest smart snaking social society software sole solely solution solutions solvable solve solved solves solving some somebody somehow someone something sometimes somewhat somewhere soon sooner sophisticated sort soul sound sounds source space spaces spaghetti span spark sparkling speak speaker speaking special specialized specific specifically specification specifications specifics specified specify specs spectacular spectacularly spectre speculates speed spend spent spiral spite spot spotted spreadsheets sprite sqa squeeze squish stability stabilize stage stages stakeholders stand standard standardization standards standup standups start started starts state stated statement statements states static station statistician statistics status steadily steal steel step stepping steps stick still stimuli stirring stone stop stops stored story straight straightforward strangely strategies strategy street strengths stress stresses strewn strict strictly strive striving strong structural structure structured structures struggle stuctures student studies study studying stuff stupid style subconsciously subject subjected subjective subjects submitted submitting subprograms subroutines subsequently subset substantial substantive subsystems subtle succeed succeeded succeeding succeeds success successful successfully such suck suckers suffer sufficient sufficiently suggest suggested suggestions suggests suitable suited suites sum sun superficial superficially superfluous superior supplement supplied supply support supported supporting supportive suppose supposed suppression sure surely surface surpassed surprise surprised surprising surprisingly surrendered surrogate surrounding surveys survival survive survives swallow swallowing swimming switching symbolic symbols symptoms synchronization syndrome syntax synthesis system systematic systematically systems

tab tables tablet tacit tack tackle tactic tactics tailored take taken takes taking talent talk talking tape tapes task tasks taste taught tautology tax teach teacher team teams technical technically technique techniques technological technologies technologists technology tedious telegraphy telephones tell telling templates temporary tempted ten tenable tend tended tendency term termed terminal terminate terminates termination terminology terms terra terrible—their terribly terrified terrify territory terror test tested tester testers tester’s testing tests testware text texts than thankful that that’s thee their them themselves then theoretically theory there thereafter thereby therefore thermodynamics these they theyhave they’ll thick thing things think thinkers thinking thinks third thirds this thorough thoroughly those though thought thoughtful thoughts thousands thousandths threat threaten threatened threatens three threshold through throughout throughput throw throwing thrown thumb thus thy tied tighten tightly time timely times tiniest tiny tired today together told tolerate tomorrow tongue too tool toolbox tools toothpaste top tos total totally touch touched toward trace track tracking tractable trade trades traditional traditionally trail trailblazers trained training traits transactions transferred transform transformation transition translating transmit transmits trap trapdoors trapped treat treatment tremendous trial trick tricks tried tries triumph trivial trouble troubleshooting true truly trust trustworthy truth truths try trying tube tuning turbulent turf turn turned turning turnover turns twenty twice twiddling twisted two type types typewriter typical typically

ukase ultimate ultimately ultra ultrafast umbrella unable unacceptable unachievable unambiguously unassisted unattainable unauthorized uncertain uncertainty unclear uncommon unconsciously uncover uncovering uncritical under underdevelopment underestimate underlying understand understanding understands understood undervalue undesirable undetected undiscovered undocumented undoubtedly undue uneconomical unexpected unfinished unfortunately unfounded unfulfilled ungainly unhappy uniform unimportant unintelligent unintended unintentionally unique uniqueness unit unity universal universality universally unknown unless unlikely unlimited unlock unnecessary unpleasand unpredictable unproductive unquestionably unrealistic unrealizable unrealstic unreasonable unreliable unseen unsuccessful untestable unthinkable until unto untrained unusual unvisualizable unvisualized unwanted unwise up updated upgrade upon upper ups upsetting upwards us usability usable use used useful usefulness useless user users user’s uses using usually utilization utilizing utterly

vague vagueness valid validate validating validation validity valuable value values variability variable variations varies varieties various vast vendors verb verbatim verification verified verify versa versatile versions very viable vice victims view viewed viewpoint views virtual visibility visible vision visionaries visual vital vitiis vocabularies vocabulary vulnerabilities

wagon wait walk walking want wanted wants war warning was wasn waste watch watching way ways we weaker weakness weaknesses weapon wear web week weighs weird well wellbeing went were we’ll we’re what whatever whatsoever when whenever where wherein whether which while whitebox who whole whose why widely wild wildly will willing willingness wind windows wisdom wise wisely wish wishes wishful with withal within without wizardry woe women won wonder wonderfully word words work worked workers working workmanship works world worlds worry worrying worse worst worth worthless worthlessness worthwhile worthy would wouldn wound write writer writers writing written wrong wrote

xii xvii xxxi xxxii xxxv

year years yes yet yields you young your yourself you’ll you’re yup

zen zero


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